Assorted concept sketches from “American Carnage”

I’m putting together an editorial zine covering the first 100 days of the Trump primacy with the working title “American Carnage.” Here are a few concept sketches, one of which I may leave as-is and just slap on the cover.

I’ll likely go with Trump consuming or snapping the neck of an eagle. I particularly like a gleeful Trump wearing some sort of voluminous robe and sporting lumpy, drooping jowls.

The Trump/centaur battling/coupling with an octopus is a wildcard. Even the working title is uncertain. It’s a good, grim phrase that may well describe our new president’s style of rule, but it might be overdone by the time we’re 100 days in.

I want to avoid anything that’s too on the nose, but that might be accomplished by the art itself anyway. Writing a critique of Trump that isn’t an overly conspicuous rant will also be difficult. His antics and attitude is just given to that kind of response.